Plugins created:

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseD/lsStars
nativescript-3dtouch1.2.2 2017-09-22MIT96630
Use 3D Touch to create quick actions for your home screen icon.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-admob3.3.2 2019-02-08MIT2,28348
Make money with your app by using Google's AdMob ads.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-appavailability1.3.1 2017-06-04MIT1,52813
A NativeScript plugin to check for availability of other apps on the device.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-app-icon-changer1.0.4 2017-09-28MIT40711
Change the homescreen icon of your app from codeEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-app-shortcuts2.1.0 2018-04-26MIT82630
Add shortcut actions to your app icon.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-appversion1.4.1 2017-05-02MIT5,37528
Read the version of your NativeScript appEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-ar0.7.2 2019-03-31MIT2,88969
NativeScript Augmented Reality plugin. ARKit on iOS and (in the future) ARCore on Android.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-aws1.0.0 2016-12-17MIT14814
NativeScript wrapper for the AWS JavaScript SDK. Fixes a few incompatibilites.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-barcodescanner3.1.3 2019-04-02MIT38,962205
Scan QR/barcodes with your NativeScript app.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-bluetooth1.3.1 2018-03-27MIT5,532104
Connect to and interact with Bluetooth LE peripheralsEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-calendar2.0.1 2018-09-24MIT5,88631
Interact with the native calendar. Add, Update, Read, you name it.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-call0.2.0 2019-02-05Apache-2.0373
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-clipboard1.1.7 2017-10-14MIT8,33329
A clipboard plugin for use in NativeScript apps. You can copy and paste text from and to the clipboard.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-custom-local-notifications1.0.3 2016-09-15MIT3921
The Local Notifications plugin allows your app to show notifications when the app is not running. now with custom sounds (android only). Just like remote push notifications, but a few orders of magnitude easier to set up.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-date-utils1.0.0 2017-11-18MIT00
Little helper functions to deal with dates in NativeScript.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-directions1.3.0 2018-09-13MIT3,37856
Leverage the native Maps app to show directions from and to anywhere you like.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-email1.5.3 2018-07-04MIT16,65835
Email plugin for your NativeScript appEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-feedback1.3.9 2019-03-11MIT14,50594
Non-blocking textual feedback for your NativeScript app. AKA superfancy Toasts!Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-fingerprint-auth6.2.0 2018-10-29MIT6,89078
A fingerprint authentication plugin for use in NativeScript appsEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-gradient2.0.1 2017-08-23MIT1,01346
NativeScript plugin for gradient layouts.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-headset-detection1.0.0 2018-04-14MIT00
Detect headset (dis)connection.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-health-data1.1.0 2018-03-19MIT53721
Health Data plugin for Nativescript, using Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-homekit1.0.0 2017-01-07MIT7218
HomeKit plugin for your NativeScript appEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-insomnia1.2.2 2018-08-05MIT2,57723
Make the screen not dim (and eventually lock the device) while Insomnia is activeEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-keyboard-toolbar1.0.4 2019-02-04Apache-2.02238
NativeScript Keyboard Toolbar pluginEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-keyframes1.0.0 2016-11-23MIT19332
Easily use the Facebook Keyframes library in your NativeScript app.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-local-notifications3.1.2 2019-02-08MIT21,813113
The Local Notifications plugin allows your app to show notifications when the app is not running. Just like remote push notifications, but a few orders of magnitude easier to set up.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-mapbox4.4.1 2019-01-11MIT12,146123
Native Maps, by Mapbox.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-nfc3.0.1 2018-12-20MIT7,01939
NFC plugin for your NativeScript appEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-nodeify0.8.0 2018-09-04MIT2,72075
Attempts to make most npm modules 'just work' with NativeScriptEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-nodeify-min0.9.0 2018-09-26MIT069
Minimally attempts to make most npm modules 'just work' with NativeScriptEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-numeric-keyboard4.2.2 2019-04-15MIT5,66616
Handy and elegant numeric keyboard for iOS NativeScript apps. On Android we fall back to the regular numeric keyboard.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-ocr1.0.0 2017-04-27MIT1,09633
Optical Character Recognition - powered by TesseractEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-particle2.0.1 2019-02-08Apache-2.0014
Control your Particle.io devices from a NativeScript app!Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-performance-monitor1.0.0 2017-01-27MIT12310
Measure and show FPS and (on iOS) CPU usage.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-plugin-firebase8.2.0 2019-04-10MIT114,525699
Fire. Base. Firebase!Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-printer1.2.0 2017-05-29MIT25622
Send an image or the screen contents to a physical printerEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-pushy1.1.0 2019-04-15Apache-2.01369
Lightning-fast, highly-reliable push notification delivery with https://pushy.meEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-randombytes1.0.0 2016-12-27MIT3,8092
NativeScript polyfill for Node randombytesEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-secure-storage2.4.0 2019-02-08MIT8,83163
Secure Storage NativeScript pluginEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-snapkit1.0.0 2018-11-06Apache-2.000
SnapKit loginEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-speech-recognition1.4.1 2018-09-21MIT5,33154
Speech to text plugin, leveraging iOS and Android's built-in recognition engines.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-star-printer3.0.1 2018-08-14MIT72021
Print directly to Star printers from your NativeScript app.Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-taptic-engine2.1.0 2019-01-24MIT1,6317
Taptic Engine, the subtle iPhone vibration engine. Available since iPhone 6s (Plus).Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-touchid2.1.2 2016-11-29MIT1,86478
Deprected, use nativescript-fingerprint-auth from now on (which has Android support!)Eddy Verbruggen
nativescript-webview-utils3.0.0 2018-10-17Apache-2.01,27310
Add custom headers to a NativeScript WebView. Perhaps more utils later.Eddy Verbruggen

Plugins supported and contributed to:

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseD/lsStars
@danieldent/nativescript-flashlight2.0.0 2019-03-01MIT5744
A flashlight NativeScript module for Android and iOSTJ VanToll
@flypapertech/nativescript-snackbar4.1.0 2019-02-12Apache-2.0067
A NativeScript plugin for the Material Design SnackBar.Brad Martin
nativescript-advanced-webview3.0.2 2018-09-14MIT3,22643
An advanced webview using Chrome CustomTabs on Android and SFSafariViewController on iOS.Brad Martin
nativescript-cardview3.1.1 2018-07-08MIT30,200188
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design CardView component.Brad Martin
nativescript-flashlight2.0.1 2019-03-09MIT2,39244
A flashlight NativeScript module for Android and iOSTJ VanToll
nativescript-google-analytics0.4.4 2018-06-21Apache-2.06,12820
Integrate native google analytics iOS and Android widgets into NativeScriptSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-iqkeyboardmanager1.4.0 2019-02-09MIT63,41164
NativeScript wrapper of the popular IQKeyboardManager iOS libraryTJ VanToll
nativescript-localize4.1.1 2019-02-25MIT19,94451
Native internationalization plugin for NativeScript using native capabilities of each platformlfabreges
nativescript-noice-image-picker1.0.0 2017-04-21MIT1100
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.Dave Coffin
nativescript-paypal2.6.9 2017-08-14MIT3,5067
A NativeScript module providing access to PayPal SDK.Marcel Joachim Kloubert
nativescript-pedometer2.1.0 2018-10-28MIT35512
NativeScript pedometer plugin. Step counting FTW!Nathan Walker
nativescript-snackbar4.1.2 2019-03-11Apache-2.020,69569
A NativeScript plugin for the Material Design SnackBar.Brad Martin
nativescript-social-share1.5.1 2018-09-07MIT27,11262
A NativeScript module to use the native social sharing widgetTJ VanToll
nativescript-videoplayer4.2.1 2018-10-29MIT16,46487
A NativeScript plugin that uses the native video players to play local and remote videos.Brad Martin
nativescrpt-snackbar4.1.7 2019-04-11Apache-2.0550
A NativeScript plugin for the Material Design SnackBar.Brad Martin