Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseD/lsStars
nativescript-async1.0.2 2017-04-08Apache 21,0980
A NativeScript plugin that make available async/await using helpersNabil Mansouri
nativescript-bcryptjs1.0.1 2017-04-20GNU General...1,6215
A NativeScript of bcrypt.js pluginNabil Mansouri
nativescript-couchbaselite1.0.11 2017-04-22GNU General...2,6084
A NativeScript plugin that brings you all Couchbase Mobile features (attachments, ttl, map, reduce, group, encryption, conflicts, livequery, replication....). It targets iOS and Android.Nabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-appbar1.0.1 2018-02-28Apache-2.090028
A material implementation of the appbar layout for iOS and Android. With animation and coordinator plugin (scroll effect)Nabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-bottomnav1.0.1 2018-02-28Apache-2.093128
A nativescript implementation the material bottom navigation layout with animation effect. For iOS and AndroidNabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-bottomsheet1.0.0 2018-02-24Apache-2.091428
A nativescript implementation of material bottom sheet (with animation). For iOS and Android.Nabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-buttons1.0.1 2018-02-24Apache-2.093328
A nativescript implementatoin of material float button for iOS and AndroidNabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-calendar1.0.1 2018-02-24Apache-2.093928
A nativescript implementation of calendar view/picker. For iOS and AndroidNabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-commons1.0.0 2018-02-24Apache-2.02,13028
Common library for nbmaterials packagesNabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-coordinator1.0.0 2018-02-24Apache-2.01,09428
A nativescript implementation of coordinator between layout for iOS and AndroidNabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-elevation1.0.1 2018-02-28Apache-2.01,72828
A nativescript implementation of material elevation for both platform iOS and AndroidNabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-layouts1.0.1 2018-02-28Apache-2.02,15328
A nativescript utils for manipulating layoutsNabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-pullrefresh1.0.0 2018-02-24Apache-2.074228
A nativescript implementation of pull to refresh (both direction => top and bottom). For both platform iOS and Android.Nabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-recycler1.0.0 2018-02-24Apache-2.01,14028
A nativescript implementation of recycler view for Android (compatible iOS but use a default list view)Nabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-ripple1.0.1 2018-02-28Apache-2.01,47628
A nativescript implementation of Ripple. For iOS and AndroidNabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-search1.0.0 2018-02-24Apache-2.077328
A nativescript implementation of material search bar for iOS and Android. It includes animation effects and result view (modal page)Nabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-tabs1.0.0 2018-02-24Apache-2.077828
A nativescript implementation of material tabs (with animations effects). For iOS and Android.Nabil Mansouri
nativescript-nbmaterial-textinput1.0.1 2018-02-28Apache-2.01,40928
An implementation of material Text Input with animation effect (float text). For iOS and Android.Nabil Mansouri