Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseD/lsStars
nativescript-datetimepicker1.0.2 2019-02-28Apache-2.01301
A NativeScript plugin for picking date and time.NativeScript Team
nativescript-picker2.0.0 2019-03-27Apache-2.0288
A NativeScript plugin that provides a custom TextField which lets you pick a value from a list opened in a modal popup.NativeScript Team
nativescript-ui-autocomplete4.0.0 2019-03-11SEE LICENSE IN...37,87571
Improve data entry speed and accuracy by triggering auto-completion for text entries.NativeScript Team
nativescript-ui-calendar4.0.0 2019-03-11SEE LICENSE IN...24,46273
Month, year, week and day views. Single, multiple and range date Selection. Special and disabled dates.NativeScript Team
nativescript-ui-chart4.0.1 2019-04-08SEE LICENSE IN...29,26871
Create beautiful and flexible charts with smooth interaction and zooming - area, line, pie, scatter and more.NativeScript Team
nativescript-ui-core2.0.1 2018-10-26SEE LICENSE IN...45,25671
Helper plugin that contains common native code shared among plugins.NativeScript Team
nativescript-ui-dataform4.0.0 2019-03-18SEE LICENSE IN...28,99471
Display and edit data object's properties with standard or custom editors in a data fill-in form.NativeScript Team
nativescript-ui-gauge4.0.0 2019-03-14SEE LICENSE IN...19,14271
Show a key data point in an intuitive gauge format, with contextual bands for categorization.NativeScript Team
nativescript-ui-listview6.2.0 2019-04-19SEE LICENSE IN...81,79573
A powerful data list control implementing a bunch of features native to the mobile world as item animations, pull-to-refresh, item layouts, load-on-demand, swipe-to-execute, etc.NativeScript Team
nativescript-ui-sidedrawer6.0.0 2019-03-12SEE LICENSE IN...51,74671
Add additional space to your app. Use it for navigation or custom content. Slides in from all four sides of the screen.NativeScript Team