Plugins created:

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseD/lsStars
nativescript-afnetworking1.0.3 2016-09-07MIT2300
A NativeScript plugin that wraps AFNetworking for iOSRob Laverty
nativescript-contacts-picker1.2.8 2016-09-30MIT3,2730
A NativeScript plugin to pick contactsRob Laverty
nativescript-content-providers1.0.0 2016-09-29MIT1740
Better Android content providers.Rob Laverty
nativescript-fcuuid1.0.2 2016-09-11MIT2301
A NativeScript plugin that wraps FCUUID for iOSRob Laverty
nativescript-GMImagePicker1.0.4 2016-09-07MIT3270
A NativeScript plugin that wraps GMImagePicker for iOSRob Laverty
nativescript-https1.0.1 2016-12-28MIT33122
Secure HTTP client with SSL pinning for Nativescript - iOS/Android.Rob Laverty
nativescript-onesignal1.0.8 2018-07-02MIT1,15820
A Nativescript plugin for OneSignal's Push Notifications SDKRob Laverty
nativescript-sidedrawer1.0.6 2016-12-28MIT1,55428
SideDrawer menu plugin for Nativescript - iOS/Android.Rob Laverty
nativescript-telephony1.0.4 2017-02-26MIT67611
A Nativescript plugin to get the device's SIM data (carrier name, mcc mnc, country code, telephonenumber, etc)Rob Laverty
nativescript-tesseract-ios1.0.8 2016-09-10MIT8670
A NativeScript plugin that wraps tesseract for iOSRob Laverty

Plugins supported and contributed to:

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseD/lsStars
nativescript-nodeify-min0.9.0 2018-09-26MIT069
Minimally attempts to make most npm modules 'just work' with NativeScriptEddy Verbruggen
nativescript-snackbar4.0.0 2018-11-14Apache-2.016,49461
A NativeScript plugin for the Material Design SnackBar.Brad Martin
nativescript-socketio3.2.1 2018-09-23Apache-2.05,47447
Socket.IO for nativescriptOsei Fortune