Plugins created:

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseD/lsStars
nativescript-auth02.1.0 2018-12-11MIT42536
Auth0 NativeScript SDKSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-auth0-plus2.5.2 2018-12-20MIT28735
Auth0 NativeScript SDKSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-foaas1.0.5 2016-02-255407
Foaas wrapper for nativescript, both really good and really bad for demosSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-google-analytics0.4.4 2018-06-21Apache-2.06,12820
Integrate native google analytics iOS and Android widgets into NativeScriptSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-kiipv0.1.3 2017-03-15Apache-2.04270
Integrate native kiip widgets into NativeScriptSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-launchkitv0.1.2 2016-05-11Apache-2.03744
Integrate native launchkit iOS widgets into NativeScriptSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-preferences1.1.1 2017-11-14Apache-2.000
Common API to allow users to use native (familiar) app settings screens instead of having to craft custom UIsSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-shatterviewv0.1.5 2016-06-05Apache-2.01,0290
Break your views into piecesSteve McNiven-Scott
nativescript-zendeskv0.3.4 2016-12-21Apache-2.02,1075
A NativeScript module for integrating ZendeskSteve McNiven-Scott

Plugins supported and contributed to:

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseD/lsStars
@flypapertech/nativescript-snackbar4.1.0 2019-02-12Apache-2.0067
A NativeScript plugin for the Material Design SnackBar.Brad Martin
nativescript-carousel4.1.0 2018-11-09MIT7,64588
Carousel component for NativeScript (iOS & Android).Nedim Erkocevic
nativescript-contacts1.5.5 2018-06-28MIT5,33716
A NativeScript module providing easy access to iOS and android contact directory. Pick a contact, update date, or add a new one!Ryan Lebel
nativescript-effects1.0.0 2017-08-09MIT2,40828
A NativeScript plugin that extend animations to include common animation scenarios.Alex Ziskind
nativescript-floatingactionbutton5.0.0 2018-11-09MIT14,43497
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design Floating Action Button.Brad Martin
nativescript-messenger1.2.0 2016-08-22MIT2,4127
A SMS Messenger NativeScript module for Android and iOS and AndroidRyan Lebel
nativescript-platform-css1.6.6 2018-06-25MIT6,61620
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Declarative UI and Platform CSSNathanael Anderson
nativescript-slides2.3.0 2019-01-26MIT6,50366
NativeScript Slides plugin.Josh Sommer
nativescript-sms1.2.1 2017-10-11MIT06
A SMS Messenger NativeScript module for Android and iOS and AndroidRyan Lebel
nativescript-snackbar4.1.0 2019-01-11Apache-2.019,27364
A NativeScript plugin for the Material Design SnackBar.Brad Martin